Liddie as a First Name

How Common is the First Name Liddie?

We estimate that there are 193 people named Liddie who are currently alive and were born in the United States. Liddie is the 17,958th most common for women, and the 27,132nd most common overall.

How Old are People Named Liddie?

The average person named Liddie is 71.80 years old.

Is Liddie a Popular Baby Name Right Now?

Fewer than 5 people named Liddie were born in the U.S. in 2022.

The popularity of Liddie peaked in 1882, when it was the 458th most popular name for baby girls.

Is Liddie a Boy's Name or a Girl's Name?

Liddie is almost exclusively a female name. The Social Security Administration does not record any males born with the name Liddie.