2019 Baby Boy Names - Rising Stars

November 14, 2020

What were the fastest-growing baby boy names of 2019?

To make this list, we looked through the entire history of U.S. baby names going back to 1880. We calculated how likely it was for a baby name to grow from year to year. These were the names whose growth from 2018 to 2019 was the most remarkable based on historical precedent.

#1: Ermias

2018 births: 15

2019 births: 519

I've never heard of this name before, and you probably haven't either. Until 2019, the first name Ermias basically didn't exist in the United States. Is it completely made up? No! It is a name that comes from Ethiopia. For example, one of Haile Selassie's grandsons is named Ermias.

Why the sudden interest in this obscure Ethiopian name? It turns out that Ermias Asghedom is the birth name of rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was shot and killed in 2019.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle. His mom called him Ermias.

#2: Sekani

2018 births: 12

2019 births: 251

Sekani is apparently a name that comes from Malawi. I can't figure out why this name increased in usage. If anyone has any ideas, please comment below.

#3: Kyro

2018 births: 133

2019 births: 339

Alternate spelling of Cairo.

#4: Amias

2018 births: 113

2019 births: 273

#5: Eliel

2018 births: 169

2019 births: 396

A traditional Hebrew name. No explanation for the spike in popularity in 2019.

#6: Crew

2018 births: 478

2019 births: 988

Lifestyle gurus Chip and Joanna Gaines of "Fixer Upper" fame named their fifth child "Crew" in 2018. Could this explain the name's explosion in popularity in 2019?

#7: Kairo

2018 births: 605

2019 births: 1104

#8: Baker

2018 births: 336

2019 births: 618

Naming your kid after a Cleveland Browns quarterback seems like a risky proposition to me, but what do I know?

I also noticed that some girls are being named "Baker" now as well. I think it might catch on. A lot of "-er" names seem to migrate from male names to female names over time.

#9: Cairo

2018 births: 542

2019 births: 969

Cairo: "The City of a Thousand Minarets"

#10: Ambrose

2018 births: 116

2019 births: 222

#11: Aziel

2018 births: 118

2019 births: 223

#12: Adonis

2018 births: 892

2019 births: 1,537

In Greek legend, Adonis was a mortal man so handsome that he became the lover of the goddess Aphrodite.

#13: Archie

2018 births: 207

2019 births: 381

When a name becomes so unpopular that it starts to become cool again...

#14: Atreus

2018 births: 159

2019 births: 291

#15: Brooks

2018 births: 2,368

2019 births: 3,493

Brook, singular, is more of a female name.

#16: Luka

2018 births: 1,041

2019 births: 1,700

Quite possibly caused by the emergence of NBA phenom Luka Dončić.

#17: Legend

2018 births: 1,718

2019 births: 2,556

For people who were going to name their kid Adonis, but didn't want it to go to his head.

#18: Zyaire

2018 births: 322

2019 births: 539

Alternate spelling of Zaire, the former name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Mobutu Sese Seko, dictator of Zaire

#19: Colson

2018 births: 405

2019 births: 654

#20: Damir

2018 births: 119

2019 births: 206

#21: Seven

2018 births: 122

2019 births: 209

This was the name that George Costanza wanted to name his kid in the Seinfeld episode "The Seven". In case you are wondering, Seven is the most popular number that is used as a baby name in the U.S.

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Luka Dončić isn't the only NBA star leaving his mark in the baby name department. Giannis is also gaining in popularity.

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