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Anakin, Riggs, Lucifer? It seems that people are naming their kids crazy things nowadays. But the skeptic in me wonders if maybe this has always been the case. Names that are new today seem strange and weird, but after a few decades they become normal. Let's take a look at the data to see if baby names really are changing faster than before.

Did you know that the popularity of some American baby names has been influenced by Disney movies? Check out these charts which show how the popularity of these names increased after the release of a Disney movie featuring a character with that name.

What were the fastest-growing baby boy names of 2020?

What were the fastest-growing baby girl names of 2020?

Want your kid to have have a cool, edgy, modern-sounding name? Try adding an X.

We take a look at NBA players who had a unique name, but whose celebrity caused their name to become a lot less unique.

What were the fastest-growing baby girl names of 2019?

What were the fastest-growing baby boy names of 2019?

Some names are boy names, like John and Michael. Other names are girl names, like Anna and Emily. But some names are commonly used by people of either gender. What are the American names that have a gender ratio closest to 50%?

Earlier, we brought you Old Person Names, now it's time to do the opposite. We calculated the average age of people who have every common first name in the United States. Which names have the youngest average age?

What does your name say about your age? The answer: quite a bit. In fact, based on your first name, we can guess how old you are likely to be!

What were names with the oldest average age? Updated for 2020.